Photonasis 2.0 May be a Bit to Basic for Most

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Photonasis 2.0 iphone appPhotonasis 2.0 by Mohamed Moshrif is a very basic iPhone or iPod touch photo “editing” app. I wouldn’t exactly call what its functions do truly editing a photo.

The structure of Photonasis 2.0 is quite basic. From the main screen you can choose to take a new photo or grab one from your library to adjust. Once you have your photo, tap the Select Filter button to bring up a list of filters. It would be nice if the preview used your chosen photo instead of the app's sample image. After you choose an effect you must tap the preview button before any changes will be displayed. This seems a bit redundant, an undo button and having the effect applied right away makes more sense to me. Once you are satisfied tapping save will create a new image and store it in your library. 

With Photonasis 2.0 you do have a decent amount of filters to choose from, but many are effects you would never use if you were just looking to apply a fun or trendy effect to a photo. The effects filters you are given to choose from include:

  • gray scale
  • pinch (protuberant fisheye)
  • invert
  • punch (concave fisheye)
  • sepia
  • swirl effect
  • sharpening
  • cylinder effect
  • edge detection
  • bathroom effect
  • smoothing
  • jitter (salt & pepper effect)
  • mean removal
  • dilate (light enhancing)
  • gaussian blur
  • erode (darkness enhancing)
  • emboss
  • histogram equalization

Photonasis 2.0 doesn’t do much more than apply a few effect filters to a new photo or an existing one in your library. If you are looking for something a bit more Photoshop-like than keep searching, but if you just want to apply some quick effects this may be what you are seeking for. There is a lite version which is free if you want to try it before paying the $0.99, but it only lets you save 1 image per day.

Budding photogs looking to apply a few filters might also like Picoli. It has fewer filter options, but the functions are easier to use and it includes a better "preview" feature.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • brett

    I love this program, but some filters keep crashing my iphone 2.1, such as Xray.
    Does anyone else have this problem?