PhotoTalk: Add Audio Clips to iPhone Photos

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

phototalk iphone Since iPhone owners are still without a video-shooting mode, Metacreature Apps is trying to help ease the pain with PhotoTalk, an application which allows users to add up to 30 seconds of audio to their photos. (The Metacreature Apps site has a few demonstration videos.)

PhotoTalk is extremely simple to use. Simply open PhotoTalk and tap the "+" button in the upper right-hand corner to start adding photos. You'll be given the option to take a new photo, or to use an existing photo from your iPhone. (It's worth noting that new photos taken through PhotoTalk do not appear in your regular iPhone library.) Tap the "Record Audio" button to record, add a title if you'd like, and press "Save." The photo/audio is added to your PhotoTalk library, and you're ready to begin again.

PhotoTalk works well; I had a few glitchy moments at first, but after shutting my iPhone off and turning it back on, it was nothing but smooth sailing.

PhotoTalk works in both vertical and landscape mode, and an update that has been submitted (but has not yet gone live in  the iTunes store) will include a slideshow mode and the ability to record audio clips up to 60 seconds, rather than the current 30-second limit.

While PhotoTalk can certainly be used to add audio to any sort of photo you want (vacation reminiscing or a commemorative shot from a graduation, maybe?), the most obvious use, to me, is probably for concerts or other similar events. Again, it's not quite as nice as video would be, but PhotoTalk is still a decent way to capture a moment, and a concert photo with an audio clip seems like a decent souvenir.

The problem with PhotoTalk is this: once you've saved your photo and added audio, you can't do anything with it. The library in which the photos are saved is nice, and simple to navigate, and it's nice to be able to have these creations at your disposal, but then what? What PhotoTalk really needs is, ideally, the ability to email the photo/audio. Or, if that's not possible, a way to transfer them to your computer so you can send them to friends. Without the chance to share these things, it all feels a bit anticlimactic.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Nick Gravelyn

    Hey, I'm Nick, the developer of PhotoTalk. I'm glad we got a fairly good written review here. Indeed the update should be out in about 4-5 days we are hoping so that should make the app a bit more fun.

    As for the two issues noted here (not saving photos to the primary library and not being able to email the photos), I am working on my 1.2 update which should include both of these things.

    Thanks for taking the time to review the app. I greatly appreciate it.

  • Nick Gravelyn

    Just wanted to let everyone know this app is on sale for Valentine's Day only at the price of $1.99, 33% off the normal price.