Pick Up $500 with Pogo Stylus and a Bit of Artistic Talent


ad_art_challenge_verticalAlthough some artists can make finger painting on the iPhone and iPod touch look easy, it’s anything but that for the average Dick or Jane. Even with pinch and zoom, it’s hard to get in close enough for fine detail work. Sometimes your finger gets in the way and you find yourself painting blind.

One tool we’ve been pretty happy with here at Appcraver is Ten One Design’s Pogo Stylus. When AC editor, Barbara Holbrook, gave it high marks in a review, I went out and got one for myself. In one of those rare moments of agreement between writer and editor, I have to grudgingly admit she is right for a change. [Editor’s note: He’s joking. Otherwise, I’d fire him.]

Ten One Design is sponsoring an art contest between now and July 1 with a $500 grand prize, which will go to the “coolest art made using the Pogo Stylus.” You can find out everything you need to know at Ten One Design’s site.

Submissions will be featured in a gallery, and the winner will be announced on July 5th.

Unsure which art drawing program you should use?

Appcraver gave Steve Sprang’s BrushesJosiah Larson’s iDoodle2 and My Media’s MyPaint2 thumbs up when we reviewed them a few months back. One we haven’t tried, but looks to be worth checking out is Big Stone Phone’s iGraffiti. It has similar features to Brushes, including enabling you to draw on images from your Camera Roll.

PockeySoft’s iColoringBook could be an option if you can’t draw a lick. If a static image doesn’t put a pie in your sky, then give Josh Anon’s FlipBook a look. You can use it to animate your doodles.

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