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Picoli - easy photo and image editor (AppStore Link)
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Picoli - easy photo and image editor
Developer: Thorsten Lubinski
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

The iPhone's built in camera is adequate, but I tend not to use it because the photos are a little too soft and a little too muddy. It's fine for a quick pic to use for a contact list, but they're not the kind of photo I want to keep around. Until now. Enter Picoli — a simple, quick photo editing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I'm a Photoshop gal at heart, but even I have to admit that the Adobe behemoth is overkill for a cell-phone picture. Picoli is just the right mix of ease of use and flexibility to edit iPhone pictures.

There are 7 options for improving photos — brightness, sharpness, saturation, illumination, contrast and color balance. Each option is controlled with an less/more slider that is easy for even photo-editing newbies to understand. Click the check mark to apply or the "x" to disregard the changes. There is no "undo" button, so once you've applied a filter you would need to start over if you change your mind.

There are also 5 different filters that are just for fun — posterize to turn your photos into comic book style masterpieces, night vision for an afterdark effect, color or grey dithering patterns and sunburn which is similar to posterize but with orange/red hues.

The filter effects are simple on/off choices. There aren't any options to customize the effects. I'm OK with this. Personally, I like the idea of keeping it simple and quick. I don't want to get bogged down with a full-size editing program. I just want to add a few quick effects and move on.

When you're done editing click the plus sign in the upper left corner to save the photo to your image library.

For all it's simplicity, Picoli is very powerful as well. I used the sharpness, brightness and contrast options to adjust Photo 2 in the gallery above and the results are fantastic. In less than 5 minutes the image went from "cell-phone blah" to crisp and colorful.

I'm definitely a Picoli convert! It's made the iPhone's camera useful and I can't wait to go out and snap more pictures.

Image Gallery: Picoli - easy photo and image editor

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