Picture Find Fanatics Sure to Enjoy Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle


sprill mystery of the bermuda triangle iphone appSprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - I love the challenge of a good picture seek and find. The fact that there are several apps for iPhone and iPod touch created in similar fashion to my ultimate favorite — I Spy —  is pretty cool in my opinion.

I have already had the pleasure of reviewing Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville and now it’s on to Sprill: The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Very much like the other aforementioned app, Alawar Entertainment’s Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle began as a PC game and has now made its transition to the app store. If seek and find picture games are your thing, then you’ll want to at least check it out.

Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle begins with a comic book-style cut scene that lays out the story line for you. Sprill is a fox whose boat has sunk to the bottom of the ocean due to meddling aliens who more or less insist on help finding the Lost Pearl of Poseidon. The help you offer comes in the form of a series of hidden object seek and finds.

Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has you seeking out lists of objects from various underwater, sunken ship scenes in ten different locations including a passenger ship, warship, and pirate ship. There are actually quite a few levels and scenes within each ship, which leaves players literally searching out hundreds of items. The graphics are good, though some scenes are a tad bit dark and hard on the eyes, but overall pleasant to look at. The scenery outside each of the ship’s windows, which primarily consists of fish swimming by, is an exceptionally nice touch. While searching, you can pinch and spread or multi-tap for image resizing, which will be necessary for some objects, and switch orientations from portrait to landscape.

Though the hidden objects are challenging enough to find on most scenes, there is an additional time challenge that awards gold or silver medals for finding all of the objects in each level within a certain time frame. Use provided hints and earn extras by finding the “?s” within each scene. Most objects in Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle are well hidden and described, though I vehemently disagree that an hourglass and a clock are the same thing; nor is a construction cone the same thing as a road sign (hint, hint).

The find and tap controls are fairly responsive and exactly what you would anticipate. Occasionally are they quirky by not accepting a tap, but you aren’t over penalized. I ran into one glitch (only once) and that was the disappearance of an item on my list. Rather than a listed item, it was simply an obvious blank spot on the list – right between two other listed items. Kind of hard to find something when you don’t know what you’re looking for... However, repeated exploratory tapping eventually revealed that I “found” whatever it was and the game let me move on. Under normal circumstances, repeated exploratory tapping will earn you a fog horn warning that this action will cost you extra time.

Overall, Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is a fun picture find that offers hours of play (unless you’re remarkably quick with extraordinarily sharp vision) and it has the added bonus of allowing users to create more than one player profile. This is great for multiple players who don’t want to share their hard-earned finds between themselves or do want to compete for the best time. Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is currently being offered at an introductory price of $1.99, but for how long is a mystery.

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