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Picture Perfect Animals
Developer: MilkDrinkingCow inc.
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picture perfect animals iphoneJust for fun, put a little fur (or fin) in your photos with Picture Perfect Animals, a photo app that lets you frame your subject alongside a variety of selected animals. This iPhone app by MilkDrinkingCow, is a different, but whimsical kind of photography app that allows you to create photos with animals. Choose from 60 different animals in air, water, or on land and frame your subject to be silly or serious.

With Picture Perfect Animals you can create comical photos of people doing impossible things, like kissing a lion, high-fiving a panda, or holding a humming bird. Rather than editing in an animal, Picture Perfect Animals puts the animal on screen before you take the picture. While it’s not much use for pictures already on your camera roll, it does make creating new photos fun.

Picture Perfect Animals features three categories of animals – air, land, and water – that range from birds and butterflies to monkeys, an ostrich and even a shark. The water animals are a bit hard to compose any natural pictures with, but most of the others are easy to use in any setting (except low light of course). There is a scale regulator button that allows you to resize or reposition the selected animal to help with composition, but it takes a bit of playing with to get it right. Granted, some of the images won’t look natural regardless of what you do, but some can be used to compose almost believable images.

Unique in its own right, as most playful photography apps have features applied to existing photos, Picture Perfect Animals is a fun tool for goofing off and composing funny pictures to take. The already weak flash of the iPhone camera is slightly pronounced when using it, but it does enable you to compose fun shots if you work at it. On sale now for just .99, Picture Perfect Animals is like a furry friend for your iPhone camera. Take pictures, share them with friends and show off your animal instincts.

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