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Pigeon Squadron
Developer: iWin, Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

pigeon squadron iphoneDon't look up, but if you’ve been eyeing Pigeon Squadron in the App Store by all means give it a try. It’s a high-flying pigeon adventure with a military theme that pits pooping pigeons against townspeople in various cities. Fortunately, you are the pigeon and using tilt to fly and tap to poop controls, you must complete each mission to advance to the next.

Pigeon Squadron is as creative and endearing as it is disgusting. As a pigeon “bomber,” your missions include bombing golfers, ducks, and even royalty as you advance through multiple missions set in three different cities. You have no shortage of “ammo,” but you are short on time, so you must complete your mission fairly efficiently. It’s not too hard if you follow the guide arrows that point your pigeon in the direction of intended targets.

A bit of good-natured fun, Pigeon Squadron is a good concept and fairly well executed design. It’s well worth the .99 price tag, but is in need of a few major updates to get anywhere close to perfection. The game has a few stability problems that cause it to crash upon loading missions – a major setback that appears to frustrate many users, myself included.

The tilt controls are only semi-responsive, which means your pigeon won’t turn on a dime, or even a dinner plate, but with careful maneuvering and practice you can get a pretty good handle on it. Timing your “droppings” isn’t too hard once you get the hang of the flight controls and at that point, the game becomes pretty fun. It does take some getting used to, and some of the missions are complicated by the mediocre controls.

Pigeon Squadron is loaded with great sound effects and background music. The military theme is made charming by commander pigeons and a theme song reminiscent of Police Academy. Due to its fun theme and original concept, Pigeon Squadron has quite a bit of room for success. When it does work, it’s great fun and with multiple levels to boost play value, Pigeon Squadron is a good buy. Until the stability issue is addressed to resolve frequent crashing, Pigeon Squadron’s ratings will remain on the fence, but if the developers take the time to polish it off, it’ll be a hit.

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