PiggyWoogy Huffs and Puffs and Breathes New Life into Match-Three Classics

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PiggyWoogy TM
Developer: Jdea Co., Ltd.
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PiggyWoogy iPhoneOnce upon a time there were two pigs who built their castle out of jewels…Well, maybe that’s not the exact version of the classic tale, but this game isn’t the exact version of the classic game it appears to be. PiggyWoogy is a version of the classic match-three puzzler and while it has a very Bejeweled feel to it, PiggyWoogy is a clever recreation of classic gameplay. PiggyWoogy’s storyline is simple – save piggy and his sweetheart swine from the invading woogys (wolves) by making matches within the castle’s jeweled wall.

Just like you would expect from similar game boards, different colored jewels are rearranged to connect three or more. As the matches disappear, new jewels fall into place. The difference in PiggyWoogy is the wolves that are scaling the jeweled wall. The right combinations will dislodge the wolves, causing them to fall. Rather than playing against a clock, players are pitted against the wolves. The levels are cleared by dislodging each level’s preset number of wolves.

The block-matching, wolf-climbing PiggyWoogy frenzy can get pretty “hairy” at times, but there are special blocks and powerups to help you out of tight spots. A reset, oil and ice block all become available at random times based on the number of matches made. Combos are rewarded with special blocks that result in special actions, like bombing groups of jewels or zapping entire rows. If a keen eye and a quick finger aren’t enough to stop the wolves, they will scale the wall and take a bite out of piggy’s health meter. If the health meter disappears before the set number of wolves are defeated, the level fails. As players progress through levels, new wolves with different abilities are introduced to up the challenge.

PiggyWoogy doesn’t feature any innovative gameplay, but it does breathe a bit of new life into the traditional versions many mobile gamers have played to death. At times, PiggyWoogy gets a bit frustrating, especially within some of the tiny technical design details, but it remains addictive. A keen eye is necessary, as well as making quick use of available blocks, to keep from being overcome by the big bad wolves. Ice will freeze the wolves, but they do a good job of blocking the jewels from view. All in all, PiggyWoogy is a satisfying game that doesn’t feel old.

There are three versions of PiggyWoogy available for iPhone – the complete version features 100 levels spanning 10 different castles. A half-sized version is also available for .99 with 50 levels and a free version featuring fewer levels still is also available. Though the target audience is probably existing fans of match-three games, most anyone can enjoy this fairytale version without much huffing and puffing.

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  • http://www.iphoneappsprogramming.com/ Peter Jones

    A complete fun package game that keeps you busy in its classic features .. Whenever I get time , I love to play this game on my iPhone .