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Pimp Your Screen - Custom Themes and Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iOS 7 (AppStore Link)
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Pimp Your Screen - Custom Themes and Wallpapers for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iOS 7
Developer: MYW Productions
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

If you want fun and even outrageous images and backgrounds readily available to liven up your mobile iOS device, then Pimp Your Screen pretty much has it all. A rather nifty utility for sprucing up backgrounds, creating app shelves, and making home and lock screens with flair, Pimp Your Screen provides an easy way to customize your iPhone or iPad with various images and themes. So many in fact, the developers claim there’s over a million combinations possible – which is at least believable if not difficult to prove.

Graciously, Pimp Your Screen supports all iPhones, but is only fully usable with iPhone 3GS and newer. Still, the limitations aren’t necessarily applicable to older models and customized home lock screens are still achievable. Full function includes the ability to create app shelves, icon skins, background wallpaper, home and lock screens as well as the ability to share your screen creation with friends over Facebook or Twitter.

To create a custom screen, users can choose from tons of included images or select ones from their own camera roll or saved albums. Pimp Your Screen allows for a preview of selected images or themes and upon saving will automatically scale everything to fit and display accordingly. Saved screen creations and selections can be accessed and applied through the general settings menu.

Images range from the abstract to the sublime and include patriotic themes, sci-fi themes, peaceful clouds, techno imagery and nature. The image quality is very good, even with the few hand-designed selections and the applied display is of equal quality without distortion. As a bonus, Pimp Your Screen developers offer up new images on a regular basis, viewable by tapping the “recent” tab across the top. To see what everybody else is using, simply tap the "popular" tab also located at the top. For price versus value, Pimp Your Screen is optimal for achieving a wide selection of display options for personalizing and customizing your device.

Even users that are technologically challenged can make quick and easy use of Pimp Your Screen. Launch, scroll, select and save – that’s really all there is to it. You'll find your saved selections ready for use when you're ready to apply them. Whether you just want to dress up the lock screen or overhaul all the display screens on your device, Pimp Your Screen won’t disappoint with its selection of cool images and frame designs.

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  • appyzilla

    nice way to give your iphone screen a new life :)