Pinboard Keeps Track of Notes Using a Familiar Interface

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Developer: Jonathan Hill
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iPhone Pinboard appEvery application won’t wow you. Some of them have one function — and, arguably, do that one thing well. Pinboard is that application. Pinboard is a productivity app that lets you make notes on a virtual pinboard and drag them around the screen to arrange any way you choose. Using it is not mentally taxing and learning to maneuver around in the app isn’t terribly difficult either.

Pinboard has a muted brown and blue interface. It’s pretty mellow and not very busy. The buttons don’t lag and easily shuffle around wherever you move them on the screen. 

Although the default font (Helvetica) is fine and the color pallet is pleasing, it would be nice to have the option to choose my own font or use color-coding to keep track of items on my pinboard. Folks that don't keep their iPhone handy at all times are going to be disappointed that there isn't a Web version of Pinboard to allow syncing.

If you’re not looking to be amazed and you’re looking for functionality, Pinboard is what it claims to be.

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