Pinch Media, Google Analytics for the iPhone


pinch media - analytics for the iphone

I caught up with Greg Yardley, CEO of the Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital funded iPhone analytics company today. Greg has the perfect profile for a VC funded CEO: around 30 years old, significant related experience (Greg was at Right Media immediately before starting Pinch Media), and extremely cost conscious ("we pay ourselves under market rates"). He is also quite smart.

Pinch Media was founded earlier this year, and has already established a significant profile in the iPhone VC scene, primarily by association with Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures VC, and uber-blogger (full disclosure, I read Fred's blog daily and can say it is arguably the single best VC blog out there).

Greg has the long term vision for Pinch Media that is likely to make him a significant winner in the space. While other networks are focused on promoting hopes of high cpms on iPhone ads, Greg argues that it is still very early in the space and that $2-$4 ecpms are probably what people should expect on the totality of their inventory. For the moment however, Greg is strictly focused on improving his core product, the Pinch Media iPhone analytics package, which he claims is about to get "significantly ahead of the competition".

Pinch is located in "the greater NY area", and, as we have said, pays "submarket wages". Still, given the Fred Wilson touch, any young techie would be wise to take options in this startup. Once the tech and economic winter thaws, Pinch Media might just look like the next Twitter, Feedburner or Tacoda.

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  • subta sing

    sounds a lot like medialets. whats the difference?

  • Greg


    It's tricky to tell what's going on inside a company from the outside, of course, so I won't make any claims I'm not 100% sure of -- but it certainly looks like that company's focused on building an ad network.

    If you'll excuse me getting all scriptural, "no man can serve two masters -- he'll either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other." Same goes for startups.

    -- Greg