Pinch 'n Pop! Will Have Your Fingers Hurting From Fun

Pinch n Pop! (AppStore Link)
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Pinch n Pop!
Developer: Frank Condello
Price: free Download on the App Store

The first app store release by developer Chaotic Box, Pinch 'n Pop! will bring tons of fun to any arcade game addicts out there. Designed exclusively for the iPhone platform, Pinch 'n Pop offers addicting color-matching fun that gets increasingly frantic as the game's pace increases.

The game's objective is to pop as many squirms in as little time possible.

Squirms of the same color can be popped by using the touch screen to pinch them together. Pinching two squirms together will combine them and adding a third one will make all three pop. The score can be maximized by creating color chains, which can be achieved by squeezing numerous pairs of squirms together before popping them.

A few levels into Pinch 'n Pop, three types of mutant squirms will enter the screen. There are mutagens, toxins, and nukes, which can all be pinched with squirms of any color and which will help by either changing nearby squirms to the same color, popping all squirms of the same color, or simply popping all nearby squirms.

Once Pinch 'n Pop! picks up it becomes truly addictive and the goal of keeping the squirm population under control (once they grow beyond the screen, the game is over) might cause your fingers to hurt.

The music at the beginning of the game brings old-school arcade games to mind and the sound effects throughout suit Pinch 'n Pop well.

The price tag of $3.99 might be set a little high but anyone who likes arcade games of this kind will enjoy Pinch 'n Pop!. Although more interesting than many other color-matching games out there, Pinch 'n Pop! gets repetitive but the game's addictive qualities help increase its replay value.

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