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pin!down for iPhoneLast year I reviewed pin!Down, a personalized mapping tool, and thought it fairly useful … scoring it 3.5 out of 5. Since my review, the app has gone through a major update adding several features that have turned it into an essential app for keeping all of your photos, locations, contacts and reminders in one place.

The initial version of pin!Down was fairly basic in that you could add locations to your map, add details, links and whatever info you deemed necessary to remember. The latest update combines and enhances the key features of Maps, Camera, Photos, Contacts and Reminders into one lovely visual masterpiece. 

Drilling down into useful functions, you can create your own map of saved locations by your current location, importing a location sent to you by email or text as well as by importing from your contacts.

If you're into photos (who isn't?) then the photo function within the app allows you to save your favorite photos to your locations. The best part of this function is that you can crop, scale and add as mini-albums. In addition to saving images, you can also save contact info such as phone numbers, URLS, email addresses, etc.

The pin!Down app makes use of Reminders by allowing you to add in items that are viewable within the app with a big count down timer to help you remember when to complete the task at hand. Sharing your location is easy via Facebook, Twitter, email and text.

The new updates are welcome additions to a solidly built app. The user interface remains straight forward, simple and useful while enhancing all the functions in a visual all-in-one mapping scheme. I like that it automatically syncs contacts and reminders and that the app allows you to pull directions from within the app for saved locations.

Overall, the updated pin!Down app gives current users a new set of tools to keep them interested as well as offers up several key reasons for new users to jump on board and start creating their own personalized maps. Plus, the price dropped from $1.99 to $.99, which is another welcome surprise.

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