Avast Ye Matey! Pirate Strike is a Bit of a Dodgy Game

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Pirate Strike iPhoneCheesy pirate puns aside, Pirate Strike is a dodgy little game that is both simple and deceptively frustrating. The concept is simple – keep your pirate from being blown up by cannon fire. Cannons pop up along the edge of the screen and fire at random intervals, signaled by blinking red. Using the touch screen interface, users must help the pirate dodge the cannon balls. As the game progresses, the challenge gets harder and harder and the key to quick point accumulation is misses and near misses.

Pirate Strike has five different map levels, each with their own background. Whether you’re playing in the forest, on the beach, or the deck of a pirate ship, as the cannon fire becomes more frantic, the simple challenge of dodging becomes more difficult. Players can uncover bonus treasures by combo dodges, gain point multipliers with near misses and track high scores for each map.

Pirate Strike isn’t a complicated game and while the overall objective is simple, yet rewarding, it is a bit challenging on a small screen. The necessity to keep your finger ready to make the pirate dodge the cannon fire simultaneously blocks the screen, which makes the game difficult to play as the number of cannons increases.

Another notable issue is memory usage. Whether it’s an actual problem or a bug, memory usage warnings popped up on both devices used for test play, neither of which were using more than half their total capacity. An iPod touch with a previous version iOS permitted play despite the warning, but an iPhone 3G with the latest iOS did not. The scaled down free version presented the same issues as the full version.

Ultimately, Pirate Strike isn’t the worse dodging game ever and even though it doesn’t stand out as exceptional, we won’t make it walk the plank just yet. The more you play, the more the little dodgy pirate endears himself to you and while it’s not quite addictive gameplay, it’s got its enjoyment factors. Try the free version before you buy to see if this pirate’s treasure is for you.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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