Pixel Blockout is a Kid-Friendly Photo App for Hiding Faces

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Pixel Blockout
Developer: Glenn Rimes
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Pixel BlockoutIf you're trying to get kids interested in photography or just want a goofy photo editing app that blocks out or covers up parts of an image, then check out Pixel Blockout. Geared more towards kids, Pixel Blockout offers a few images for covering faces in photos with a paper bag, a cartoon cat or dog, a smiley face or the classic “blur” spot.

Pixel Blockout is about as simple as it gets in terms of photo editing. Just select or take a photo, select one of the cover-up images to use and then scale to fit the desired location. Pixel Blockout also has the ability to save and share photos from within the app. 

There isn't anything complicated about Pixel Blockout, but with this ease of use comes extremely limited abilities. There are only five cover-up images available for use and their general shape can’t be changed much more than standard stretching or shrinking with corner and side handles – there’s no rotating or flipping options. You can opt to share photos via email or upload to Facebook, or simply save the altered image to your photo library.

Kids and very novice iPhone photo users are the only real audience for Pixel Blockout. Kids are likely to be amused with the ability to change people’s heads into dogs, cats or paper bags, but most adults won’t be overly impressed with the limited capabilities. Still, for a bit of photo fun, Pixel Blockout isn’t entirely useless if you keep the right audience in mind. The easy to use “blur” spot might be handy for both proprietary purposes as well as standard goofing off.

Though Pixel Blockout is a simple, single-featured app, it might be a practical option when introducing kids to iPhone photography editing. It works with both iPhone and iPod touch and does not require any login information or accounts (with the exception of sharing photos on Facebook). The easy to manipulate overlays are simple for young kids to understand and use and with limited selections and abilities, they won’t be easily overwhelmed. If you’re not looking for a photo app for young kids, then you might keep looking because although Pixel Blockout is functional and moderately funny, it is limited in comparison to a multitude of other photo editing apps.

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