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PixPop™ Plus (AppStore Link)
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PixPop™ Plus
Developer: Spinapse, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

pix-pop-free-iphone-appPixPop Plus, from developer Spinapse, is a mash up of a matching game, jigsaw puzzle and "Where's Waldo?" Something for everyone, in other words.

Start by tapping an area of an image, which will be encapsulated within a small cube and then matching the highlighted area with a cube or "token" on on the right of the frame. If the two areas match, the token pops and disappears.  Pop all the tokens and a you'll go to the next level.

You can play PixPop Plus in Competition Mode, with settings that are similar to the mode you'll find in the paid versions, where you play against the clock and other players, whose scores are posted on a Worldwide Scoreboard.

If you'd rather sit back and relax, switch to Zen Mode where you can slow the game, use hints, determine the number of tokens and change the size of the squares. PixPop Plus lets you customize the game to fit your preferred speed and level of difficulty.

Most people —probably children more than others — will like PixPop Plus. It's a bit mindless and not particularly challenging. Don't take either one of those elements as deal breakers, however. When you want to chill and relieve stress, PixPop is the sort of game that will engage you. There is an addictive quality to it, but for me, that wore off quickly.

Note that I played the free version, which lacks a number of features of the paid versions. There are four additional PixPop games which have more levels and more variety (dogs, sports, art and "around the world").

I suggest you give the free version a try (everyone likes free) and then decide if PixPop Plus, fills your balloon.

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