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placesnap iphoneFor iPhone users who snap up PlaceSnap while it’s free, a new social networking experience awaits. PlaceSnap basically centers around GPS location and the iPhone camera. To use PlaceSnap, users must first create a free account with an email address, username and password. Pictures can be uploaded from either the photo library or taken from within the app using the included GPS Camera icon. Users can then browse the PlaceSnap gallery and view pictures uploaded by other users, comment on photos and create a list of friends to follow.

Though currently there are not a ton of users, PlaceSnap has the potential for any number of users on both ends. While clearly a concept designed for iPhone users due to the exclusivity of the app itself, anyone with access to a computer can access “snaps” via, meaning friends and family can follow your photo uploads online. This could be particularly cool when vacationing or just sharing random photos. The geographically-based concept is supported by the ability to view “snaps” on a map  adds an underlying interest to the idea of worldwide social networking.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why you wouldn’t just upload photos to Twitter or Facebook rather than using a new, lesser-known networking site. In most cases you probably would, but the potential for anyone to view your photos, whether they follow you on Twitter or are Facebook friends or not, is enticing when it’s so easy to upload them. Plus, the photos taken with PlaceSnap are instantly stored in your iPhone’s camera roll, which means you can always email or upload them to other sites later.

PlaceSnap has a very simple and friendly user-interface and you can view photos of other users in your area, filter by upload times and popularity, as well as read and post comments. Your non-iPhone friends and family can view the “snap map” from the website and find photos by your user name, time, or simply use the snap map to find your location. In short, PlaceSnap is a pretty simple way to share photos with anyone, anywhere.

PlaceSnap is free to download and is a pretty cool concept as far as seeing what other people are snapping in different parts of the world as well as to simply and instantly share photos of things you find interesting with the world. The fact that you can simultaneously take a picture and upload it to the snap map without having to do anything else is refreshing. Granted, you have to have a strong enough signal, which could prove problematic in some areas, but where signal strength is good, so is PlaceSnap.

It’s too early to tell if “snapping” will become as commonplace as “tweeting,” and it will largely depend on exclusivity issues because as of yet, I see no way for non-iPhone users to upload photos to the website, which makes its use pretty one-sided. But for iPhone users, PlaceSnap is quick to load, easy to use and best of all, it’s free.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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