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Pocket God
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pocket god iphone appIs the man getting you down? Ever wished you could call the shots? Pocket God is here to fulfill your dreams. This new game from Bolt Creative allows you to be the god of a small island nation. And by "small" I mean small — only six pygmies to an island, folks.

More specifically, only six pygmies to an island at any given time, which makes sense, because there's just not much space. (The island is also home to a palm tree and some sort of stone idol.) The good news is, users have a seemingly limitless supply of pygmies to bring on to the island, because Pocket God provides myriad ways to kill the little guys. After all, you're a god, remember?

Of course, you don't have to kill them. You can simply let them wander around the island, if you'd like. You can simply change day to night and watch them all go to sleep (push the sun down into the horizon and watch the moon pop up) and feed them coconuts (you have to drop them on a pygmy's head to break them open), if that's more your speed. You can also pull the sun down so it's partially below the horizon, which turns the sky to a gorgeous, vibrant sunset and leaves your pygmies quite hilariously entranced (see screencap!).

However, the real fun of Pocket God is giving your pygmies a hard time. You can easily pick them up and levitate them, drop them from great heights, or throw them right in the water. Flick your finger at them from below to send them sailing off into the distance. (It's the best when you get them into the volcano...see what happens when you toss a few pygmies in there.)

You can also tilt your iPhone to make your Pocket God pygmies slide, or even upend gravity entirely by turning the phone upside down, and watch them cling to the island for dear life. If you feel like a natural disaster is the way to go, you can even shake the iPhone and see how they survive an earthquake. Or if you prefer, slide the clouds in the sky to the side until you get storm clouds, then trace a path for lightning with a finger.

From checking out the Pocket Blog, it's clear that there are other "secret" features and abilities I have yet to find, and many updates in store (it appears that the developers plan on weekly improvements), which should keep the geeky types happy. Also, the graphics for the game are really cute, which keeps people like me happy. I look forward to discovering more hidden features of Pocket God and seeing what future updates have in store.

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  • Godlike

    I love the app. I love the weakly update!

  • http://awarmgun.net/ Ian Adams

    The stone statue is called a Moai. They're found on Easter Island.

  • Pocket God lover

    its really cool, i love pocket god !! if in the night you hit many times t the left of the volcano, a bat appears and changes one dude into a vamp !!! then the vamp goes wild and kills every other dude !!

  • May

    Incredibly demeaning to Pacific Islanders...imagine this with Jewish people in a concrentration camp...or African Americans as slaves? That would not be ok at all, in fact would cause international outrage. So why is it ok to blatantly depict Pacific Islanders? Is it because as an ethnic group they are not as 'well known' as others??

  • Joe

    #4, u have to hit the moon to get the vampire bat

  • Pocketgodfanatic

    The name of the islanders has been changed to Oggs to prevent potential racial difficulties. But even before that, they were just random islanders, not specifically pacific islanders. The easter island-type stone head was just to make people understand that it was an island in the middle of the ocean.

    Regardless, though, it is fun to mess with the little buggers.

  • JOE

    Really pi**ed off with your guys on new version try pressing on statue thing loads for a hidden surprise.

  • fochizzel peanut

    you guys rock the hizzy but the uptdates are taking way to long. I like the five day update better. you shouild be able to rip the islandes in half. there should be alittle more blood. put some cannable action in there to dogs. I want the old rock back alsdo. what the h-ll is an astroid doing there?
    you guys are dowt. peacer out gid.

  • sam1101

    holy sh*t this is fun!!!!!!!!!!! the second the update comes i get it!

  • Dreamer

    Amazing application! It never get boring. Even though I am one of the kind Pocket God rulers. I still find it very interesting, *glances down at iPod* Oops! Klak just got eaten by a shark! Lol!

  • devan

    I'm having trouble with pocket god, it won't start up. I downloaded the update and now it won't start. Please help. Contact me at silverstone7001@yahoo.com

  • Brock

    Mine won't work either! It worked fine until I got the update. Now it won't load! Please help! Email me at blahblahblah95@live.com

  • Oni

    Sames... downloaded the update last night and now it wont open.... that and my iShoot app crashes which it has NEVER done before. This blows...

  • blossom

    mine won't load either - devan, brock, and oni - do you have 3.0? i was thinking it might be bc i dont have 3.0

  • devan

    I think they fixed it. So the next update will have 2 new things. And no I don't have 3.0. It crashes on anything that isn't 3.0

  • Blossom

    Yea - I dont have 3.0 also. Saw an update today that backdated it to the prev version and is working now

  • amir ashkan semyari

    iwant pocet god for iphone

  • may

    k i bought this pocket god but i found no clue.. how to play ?? all i can do is to drage those ppl into the water.. that's it.. and there's NLY one PLUS button sign.. no help sign either.. i try pressing everything but nothing happens.. help please

  • Jessica

    Wow, i REALLY wish i had an ipod touch or an iphone! this pocket god thing looks SO COOL!

  • Buhar Dahami

    I come from carribean. My cousin got me ths ipod. i think that is what it called. he showed this game me and he gave me. This game fun. Very waste timing. Thank you very much.

  • http://Yahoo.com Joey

    They should give us the option to change the gender

  • Nate

    pocket god is an awsome game. However not recieved an update for it in a while. Its fun but It can get boring...some more Islands mabye? And a few more creative ways to kill the little islanders eh? lol

  • Luv_It

    It's true that the updates haven't come on a weekly basis for a while, but I've heard that that is (at least partly) because of apple somewhat slow approval process. Besides that, the updates where much bigger then before.
    Anyhow, Love the game. (And the dance pack :-)

  • Gerbil

    i like graveyard

  • http://toperpend.blogspot.com tish

    Love this game....too bad I don't nor will I be owning an ipad...but maybe it will be turned into a full length game one day for the ps3 or 360...

  • Vanilla67

    That game is reaslly amazing!

  • Pocket God

    <3 This game!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOL so much when I make a crack on the ground and they end up in h*ll! =P

  • Rocky

    LVV this app! I love how the volcano erupts and sets the dudes of fire!!!!!!!!!:)

  • LoverOfPeace

    Heyy, this is an awesome game, but it won't load fast enough. I still Love It, though. :D

  • Desmond

    Can you update a how to on making stories please? Love the app

  • Tim

    Hey i have an HTC Legend i downloaded pocket god and when the open screen starts it loads half way, then shuts down please bring out new update or contact me to fix this thx.

  • josh

    HAHA idiots mine works fine and loads fast!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!