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Pocket Legends
Developer: Spacetime Studios, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

pocket-legends-ipadPocket Legends is an immersive RPG that will delight fans of this genre.

Just like any quality RPG, Pocket Legends (available both as an iPad and iPhone app) begins with a choice of character based on the a variety of attributes. Your character's abilities in combat, magic and health start out pretty low, however the more you conquer and destroy enemies the greater these abilities can be enhanced. Along with points that can be spent for more powers you can earn additional weapons and gear.

One of the many strengths of Pocket Legends is that the game exists entirely on the company's server, which makes it easy to pick up from a previous point if switching from one iOS device to another. It also brings a World of Warcraft-like experience with the ability to join with other online players and take on quests. Pocket Legends does not have the same kind of insane depth as a World of Warcraft, but what it does have is impressive for a game played on a mobile device. Unlike other App Store games that have tried to create a similar game with lackluster participation, I found plenty of players available every time I fired up Pocket Legends.

Pocket Legends is also expandable through additional missions, weapons and magic available for purchase. It hit the right point of being deep enough for continuous play but not so overwhelming that it could take over your life.

If you have one, opt for the iPad version of Pocket Legends as the larger screen real estate makes it far more playable. Also enable the virtual joystick (it is unfortunately not the default option) for better control of your character.

The iPhone/iPod touch version packs a little too much information on to the smaller screen. The graphics also don't currently take full advantage of the retina display on the iPhone 4 and newest iPod touch.

Despite this Pocket Legends is practically a must-download for RPG fans who want to join up with other players and destroy the forces of evil from an iOS device.

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  • miguel

    great review, awesome game...

    9/10 is perfect for it...but theres more to come!

  • EC

    Awesome game, but total battery drainer ;)

  • Orion

    This must be a case where either the reviewer or this site is financially compensated by the app creator because they fail to talk about the real costs to this "free" game. Make no mistake nothing is free beyond the initial download. Everything cost money inside the game.