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PocketArnold - I’ll admit that I’m a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. Not so much from his current role as the governor of my state of “Kah-lee-foh-neea,” but rather, the many years of mindless action movies featuring his classic one-liners. Apparently, the guys over at Manta Innovations are also big fans as evidenced by their recent launch of PocketArnold for the iPhone.

The premise of this PocketArnold is that you can unleash the spirit and comedy of the Governator anytime and anywhere using your iPhone. This application is loaded with 56 audio one-liners that can be unleashed with a tap of the glass.

PocketArnold organizes the one-liners in a grid view with large icons which are great for preventing accidental presses. In addition to text descriptions underneath the logos, useful visual treatments are placed on the logos themselves that easily classify the various one-liners (e.g. logos with “Hi”, “Reply”, “...” etc.) for use in real world situations. PocketArnold’s efficient organization groups contextually similar one-liners in the same areas. Lastly, the use of touchscreen swiping allows you to travel across the three pages that the 56 one-liners populate.

Sound quality is great in PocketArnold. The samples that Manta Innovations has integrated are clear and crisp on the iPhone’s built-in speaker. When talking with my wife on a recent phone call, I triggered a “Talk to the Hand” one-liner in the middle of the conversation and she complimented me on my Arnold impersonation. Nuff said!

As of today, PocketArnold has provided the most irreverent fun I’ve ever had on my iPhone. PocketArnold is not only is full with humorous content, but it does all the right things in terms of speed, snappiness and stability that make using the application an enjoyable exercise.  Hopefully Manta Innovations releases updates that feature even more sound clips (Where is my “Come With Me If You Want To Live!”...) and an info page giving details on the context and movie each one-liner was said in, but that’s relatively minor stuff.

Bottom line is that if you like Arnold and you love to have a good laugh, toss your dollar along to Manta Innovations and get your laugh on with PocketArnold!

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • DeadCell

    Hm... No "come with me if you want to live" is a bit of a deal breaker. How is the selection of Terminator quotes? I'd assume the "**** you, ***hole" line from the first one isn't in it. "I'll be back" better be though.