Pogo Stylus is Finger-Slidin' Good


Pogo Sketch Stylus gridWhile I may have been "born with the ultimate pointing device" (according to Steve Jobs), my fingers are a bit oversized when it comes to creating fine detail. It's a problem I've gotten used to when typing text messages, but now that drawing apps are available, it's time to find a better solution.

So I went on a hunt and found two options. The Pogo Stylus for iPhone and iPod Touch from Ten One Design and the iPhone Japanese Touch Pen from Brightonnet. I had intended to compare the two devices. But after testing each stylus have come to the conclusion it wouldn't be a fair competition.

Pogo wins fingers down.

The Touch Pen is unresponsive more than sixty percent of the time. After just 10 minutes of use I was ready to throw the offending instrument out a 10-story window. Not one to give up, I forged ahead for a half hour before finally deciding I could get more accomplished by typing with my toes.

So, it was without much hope that I turned to the Pogo Stylus. Wow. I was gliding and dragging and selecting and typing immediately. All without leaving greasy finger-streaks on the glass.

How do they do it? According Ten One Design, "The Pogo Stylus has been engineered using a patent-pending method to simulate the touch of a finger on the Multi-Touch display." Or in other words -- they're not telling. However they do it, it works. In some cases, Pogo even works better than my finger.

Pogo sketch for textingObviously, texting is much easier with a stylus. I'm sure the kiddies out there with their tiny fingers have no issues texting on Apple's keyboard. But for adults, it's tap and hunt. My thumbs are just too big to be accurate.

When it comes to fun and games it's Pogo all the way. I had improved scores in all three of the games I tested. My drawing skills are much improved and I can't wait to use Pogo to play with photo editing apps.

I'll probably still use my fingers for everyday stuff like phone calls and checking quick apps like the weather or stocks. Breaking out a stylus for simple tasks is overkill. And, after all, I enjoy the tactile hands-on approach to technology that Apple's integrated into iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pogo comes with a storage clip for easy access. This is a good idea as it's small size makes losing Pogo a genuine concern. However if you keep your phone in a case, the clip is useless, so you'll need to find an alternate solution.

Overall, much like my iPhone, Pogo has turned out to be one of those things I didn't even know I needed and now can't imagine living without. My only cause for complaint? I wish I'd bought a red one.

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  • http://www.inkmusings.com Gary

    There are a lot of stylus options @ Amazon (search: ipod stylus) at a fraction of the cost of the Pogo. Wonder how well they work. Plus, the Pogo looks to be not that much smaller than the contact point of a fingertip. Or for that matter, what's wrong with using the eraser end of a pencil to tap out keystrokes?

  • Barbara Holbrook

    We tested another stylus at the same time as the Pogo and found it to be nearly useless.

    The iPhone and iPod touch are designed to work with your finger and so most rubberized styli won't work. Any stylus that claims to work with the iPhone AND another device probably won't be worth much because of the differences in design required to each device.

    We haven't tested every stylus on the market, but after reading a handful of comments on Amazon (seach: ipod stylus) we're pretty confidant that the Pogo stylus is still the best choice.

  • M.A.M Azeem

    hi i am really happy to get a iphone

  • http://www.arcadegames360.com Ray

    This is never easy.

  • http://omnisketch.com Northorn

    The pogo sketch is awesome for iPad. I use it for drawing with the wonderful OmniSketch App!