Poker Stacks is a New Twist on a Classic Card Game

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Poker Stacks
Developer: Birdsoft LLC
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poker stacks iphone Poker Stacks brings together a stacked block format with a very popular card game known as poker. The object of Poker Stacks is to clear all of the blocks on the board to a level below that of the line given. Clear blocks by finding the best poker hand in a straight line moving up and down or side to side. Make hands by shifting around the blocks — but there are limits. The strategy comes in when you try to get the highest amount of blocks cleared with the least amount of hands. There is also have a time limit displayed on the bottom of the board with a counter and a green bar.

When Poker Stacks opens for the first time it brings up the help section with instructions for how to play the game. It quickly runs through all of the aspects of Poker Stacks and shows what everything means and what moves can be used to create a hand. The help section in Poker Stacks is always available from the opening screen.

With Poker Stacks there are two modes of game play with two difficulty settings and advancing levels of game play leading to greater challenges. You can toggle the sound on and off so that you can listen to your own music during game play. Poker Stacks can save in-progress games to go back to later as well as save the game if you quit unexpectedly during a phone call or text message for instance.

Poker Stacks has grabbed two very popular subjects for iPhone games and put them into one enjoyable game. The only thing dropping the ranking of Poker Stacks is it's lack of excitement.  Maybe it was just me, but I didn't find it to be addicting at all.

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