Toss This Polly a Cracker! Colorful Game Makes Match-3 Even Easier

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Pollys Popping Parrots
Developer: Karl Reinisch
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

pollys popping parrots iphonePollys Popping Parrots is quite possibly the cutest violent game I’ve played in quite some time. Granted there’s a slight touch of hyperbole in that aforementioned claim, it’s not a bad thing from my perspective. p13development has created a simple little game that’s all about blowing up a bunch of cute and unassuming parrots for points. As you can see, it’s an easy premise to grasp. Polly's big claim to fame is it's multi-player over WiFi feature, but we'll get to that later.

At it’s heart, Pollys Popping Parrots is a derivative of the overly-crowded match-three genre on the iPhone. You have a screen full of adorable parrots (replacing squares) that are all colors of the rainbow. The twist here is that you can start to remove parrots with only having two parrots instead of the standard three. Like most games in this genre, you receive big points through triggering large combo chains.

"Simple yet satisfying" would be my lasting impression after spending a few hours popping away.

Pollys Popping Parrots single player game has four different modes (e.g. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Free Play) with local and online scoreboards to conquer. There’s not a ton on depth in the single player modes, but the structure here caters to playing for 3-5 minute bursts.

Local WiFi multiplayer is extremely well done. The goal in head-to-head match-ups is to pop all of your parrots before your opponent does. As you pop your parrots, they are added to your opponents count allowing a nice ebb and flow to the battle. Some cool weapons are integrated into the flow too that does everything from freezing time to blacking out your opposition's screen. Matches in Pollys Popping Parrots last anywhere from 1-2 minutes, and some basic record keeping is kept during the engagement. The performance was flawless too.

Pollys Popping Parrots biggest strength is the immaculate attention given to the presentation layer and user flow. The parrots themselves are the stars as they animate and explode with great fluidity. The music is light hearted without being annoying, and I never had the desire to make my own soundtrack for the game. Other developers would be smart to observe what p13development has done here.

At 99 cents, it’s very easy to recommend Pollys Popping Parrots. Like any game, there are some things I would have liked to see implemented (e.g. single player campaign, achievements, online multiplayer, etc.) that didn’t make the cut. Nonetheless, those of you that have a sweet spot for some fun matching action will not be disappointed one iota!

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