Will App Store's Postman Ring Twice? Let's Hope So


postman-iphone-appAs one of the first app assignments I ran across that required the new iPhone software version 3.0, Postman by Freeverse, Inc. is an inexpensive and simple postcard creation app.

Much simpler than the actual updating of my iPhone, Postman features a simplistic user interface that allows you to create quality image postcards using your iPhone’s camera, pictures from your camera roll, or templates supplied by the app. You can customize the font and color of the text you use, write a message on the back, and then share your postcard via email or upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

To create a postcard with the Postman iPhone app, simply choose the photo option in the top tool bar and then snap a picture, insert one from your library or use a template image. You have options of changing the image to black and white or sepia as well as inverting the image or brightening it. You do not have control of resizing the image, however, such as enlarging or cropping. You can also use the location-based map, which pin points your general location on a map image.

You can place text on the front of the post card in the form of a simple greeting and while you have the ability to select your font and text color, there is no resizing or positioning of text available. At present, it's annoying to have letters slapped across the middle of a picture, but the developer has promised to include resizing and repositioning of text as a future update feature. Other promised updates include professionally designed themes and auto-correction for spelling.

After completing the front and typing your message on the back, simply click the “share” icon at the bottom of Postman and select from the options list. Sharing by email and Facebook is simple and quick enough.

For its current price and value, Postman is a simple to use postcard creator that gets the job done, but having the promise of an updated version to come is very promising indeed. Now if they just give us some control over the picture images, we'll be all set.

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