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double-apps-pounce-solitairePounce takes the solitary out of Solitaire, according to its developer, Double Apps. It’s a multiplayer card game that goes by many different names including Nertz, Canfield, Blitz, Grouch, Peanuts  and Nerf.

The idea is to unload your cards in sequential order into a center field faster than your opponents. In this version, Pounce on the iPod touch and iPhone can be played against up to four opponents, which can be either real or virtual.

There are two ways to win: Be the first to reach a predetermined number of points or be the player with the highest number of points after a predetermined number of hands.

Each card you play into the center field is worth a point. The first player to empty his or her Pounce pile of cards either earns extra points or else other players are penalized points, depending on the game option you select.

If any of this all sounds too complicated, there’s a comprehensive, animated tutorial that will have you up and running in no time.

In multiplayer virtual mode, you have the option of selecting up to four opponents and the speed at each opponent will play (slow, medium and fast).

Playing a multiplayer games with real-life players requires a Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try out the multiplayer mode over Bluetooth for lack of opponents. If you do play against other people, Double Apps recommends that you choose the fastest available device for the host to ensure best performance. If one of your devices is an iPhone 3GS, choose it as the host. If not, choose an iPod touch as the host.

Like many Solitaire games, Pounce gives you the option of selecting from a variety of card backs and backgrounds. The sound effects are realistic and crisp. As you might expect, you have the option of varying the volume of both soundtrack and sound effects.

Pounce is available on the second-generation iPod touch, the iPhone 3G and  3GS. You must be running at least version 3.0 of the iPhone OS, although Double Apps recommends that  you upgrade to 3.1.2 if you wish to play multiplayer games using Bluetooth.

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  • Sam Browder

    This is WAY better than the regular solitaire! I heard about it from a friend who also downloaded the app. I liked playing solitaire on my ipod touch already but was kinda tired of it. He wanted me to get the app so I could play it with him because it is a competitive two player solitaire game.. so i did and I have enjoyed the app very much. It's a lot more interesting and interactive than the original solitaire!