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One of the most useful, and universally loved apps in the App Store is the Apple remote, which allows you to remotely control iTunes from your iPhone. But what about controlling Pandora, PowerPoint or any other Desktop or Web App? The answer is Power Keys, a utility from Silicon Studios that has a single review on the App Store, and a cryptic informational web page.

Power Keys takes a while to figure out, but is well worth it. The idea is simple: provide a set of buttons for the iPhone, and allow each button to be assigned to a specific Apple key command-- for example, shift up arrow.

To show how this works in practice, lets take the example of Pandora. A quick Google search reveals a list of Pandora keyboard shortcuts. In this case, the right arrow key is used to skip to the next song. To program the PowerKeys app, click on "Config" to enter into configuration mode, click on an empty key, and type the word "Next" in the key description. Now -- and here is the tricky part -- scroll down to show the "Key Action" field. Assign the right arrow to the button and click "Save". You will now be able to skip on Pandora from a distance...

The interface and the documentation takes a while to fully understand. However, I can report that I have fully tested the functionality of the product, and it does do exactly what it claims. One of the problems I initially had was in saving assigned layouts. In the current version of the app it does in fact save the layout, but does not automatically pre-select it when you log back in. I've talked with the developers and they are aware of this bug -- it will probably be fixed very shortly.

Clearly there are still a few kinks to be worked out with Power Keys. But this has the opportunity to become a very useful utility...

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  • http://www.power-keys.com Nonnus

    i am PowerKeys developer

    PowerKeys saves one edited layout
    but you need to use the save button
    your layout will then show as User Saved in layout list even after app restart
    we preferred to limit custom layouts before implementing bakup to avoid data loss

    We will soon post an update with better menu organization and layout management including unlimited layouts creation, naming and deleting

    We are also preparing a mechanism to allow layout transfers between the device and desktop for easy backup

    If anyone has any issues using PowerKeys feel free to contact me: nonnus3g@gmail.com

  • http://createfolios.com Blue

    I just came across Power Keys, having bought ITM midi keys app. I already had a numeric pad app for my iPod Touch, but this is just awesome...I'm already configuring it to work with Photoshop, my main app [I'm a photographer and web developer]. It will be a great asset in Photohop, along with my Griffin Power Knob and Wacom Intuos 3. Productivity just increased! Thanks for a great app!

  • Juergen

    Great app, especially for illustrators who work with photoshop or Zbrush and a wacom tablet – perfekt combination. Would be good to include some kind of scroll-wheel!

  • sucks

    This App sucks! don't get it!

  • http://createfolios.com Blue

    Commenter at 4. writes BS. Still using and loving this app.

  • cod2

    Run away from this app. It really does not work: when the server is running, the desktop/laptop keyboard acts like Shift and Command keys are always pressed and becomes useless. Lots of crash at iPhone client side. Using Snow Leopard MacOSX 10.6.2 and iPhone OS 3.1.2.

    There is no support: sent several messages and none answered.

    Hope they are enjoying my US$ 4.00!

  • Darkgroova

    I agree with Cods, same problem here, this is really stupid they have not even tried getting back to me, countless emails sent.

    the desktop/laptop keyboard acts like Shift and Command keys are always pressed and becomes useless. Lots of crash at iPhone client side. Using Snow Leopard MacOSX