PowerCam Adds Real-Time Photo Effects to iPhone and iPad Pics

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Developer: Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
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PowerCamThe plethora of available photography apps is overwhelming and they just keep coming. Of those that manage to attract attention, PowerCam may be one that deserves a bit of love. An almost-all-in-one app for super creative photos and videos, requiring almost no photography skill or knowledge to use, PowerCam takes photo editing to a different level and allows you to capture the desired photo effect in real time — as you take the picture. The result? The perfect effect for capturing the moment or creating just the right image.

PowerCam is free to download and though there’s an in-app purchase to upgrade to the full collection of effects and capabilities, it comes with a slew of options to start. The available photo effects range from the typical – black and white, negative, and sketch – to the not so typical such as neon, emboss and seasonal. PowerCam also offers some video effects like falling snow, static tv and old movie styles to enhance the creativity of video as well as pictures. 

The primary advantage to PowerCam is seeing an effect applied in real time rather than applying it after the image is captured. Granted, it’s not the best camera for whipping out on a moment’s notice, but for intentional creation it’s handy. There are a few glitches users have to work around, such as the automatic zoom on the front facing camera and slow lag time between capture, gallery and edit modes, but PowerCam essentially functions as necessary.

If you opt to download the upgrade, you get several additional effects and the ability to edit existing photos by applying the PowerCam effects. You can also share creations by email, or upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr with the touch of a button.

PowerCam is the ideal camera companion for creating unique and visually interesting photos. It does have the capability to take photos and video with no effect, but there are better camera apps for serious photography. PowerCam is made to take creative pictures with fun photo effects applied in real time. It has the necessary features to take decent quality photos and plenty of quick and simple effects that give users a ton of possibilities. While the upgraded version is best, the bare basics available by default are great for a free camera app. Downloading PowerCam is almost a no-brainer and worth working through the minor bugs like response time and lack of settings options just to take some quick, fun and easy photos and videos. There’s even a free HD version available for iPad.

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  • http://www.igeeksblog.com/ Jignesh Padhiyar

    App looks good but I suspect that it lags a lot. Needs more resources from the hardware to be able to function normally. But the idea is really cool. Nicer implementation (through updates may be) would make it even better.