Prank Box: Hearing Test is Low Brow Fun for the Punk'd Crowd

Hearing Test : Prank Box (AppStore Link)
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Hearing Test : Prank Box
Developer: Lukasz Matablewski
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

prank box hearing test iphoneIf you think that you are the next Ashton Kutcher and want to punk all your friends, then Prank Box: Hearing Test is perfect for you.

Designed for the truly immature, the app starts out with a seemingly innocent hearing test but then ends with a bang that should startle anyone who tries it out.Prank Box: Hearing Test begins by prompting the user to listen to a series of tones in a gradually increasing volume. After "passing" this first test there is then another one that plays sounds in either your left or right ear; prompting you to choose which sound was played where. This test moves along rather seamlessly as you tap either "left," "right," or "can't tell" in response to the different sounds. The screen displays that there are eight tones.

Spoiler Alert: After finishing the seventh, out of nowhere a screeching, horrific laugh blasts out of the headphones. A face that looks like it could belong to Chucky's cousin pops on-screen. You've been punked. It's similar to the flash-based Maze Scare that was all the rage a few years back.

The developers of Prank Box: Hearing Test not only want you to use this to prank your friends, but to display your sophomoric conquests for the entire world on YouTube. To participate in the contest, record your prank and then upload it to YouTube. Then send the link to the developers, who will judge its worthiness to be deemed the winner in the contest.

Prank Box: Hearing Test is part of a series of Prank Box apps — Prank Box: Health Test, Prank Box: Stress Test, Prank Box : Scary Castles, Prank Box: Scream Illusions, and Prank Box : Hidden Music.  This gives you flexibility in how much you want to get into pranking your friends, co-workers, and family members. The joy of seeing someone jump in their seat and yank out their headphones is yours. The "Hearing Test" is free, the rest of the Prank apps will cost you about a buck each.

Those that use their phone for more productive purposes — Internet, e-mail, maps, or, strangely enough, actually make a phone call — should keep on walking, there's not much to see here. But if using your iPhone/iPod touch as a prank device is your plan, then here is the perfect opportunity.

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  • michaela

    I hate this app I used it a half hour ago and my ear still hurts I'm making an apointment for the doctor tomarrow I don't think it should have hurt that much