Pro 21 Blackjack is Awesome for Both Beginners and Card Sharks

21 Pro: Blackjack (AppStore Link)
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21 Pro: Blackjack
Developer: Avalinx LLC
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

21 pro blackjack is awesome all player levels

When getting ready to purchase a blackjack app, I seriously debated about whether to download the ad-supported 21 Pro Blackjack Sponsored or to up the ante and pay for 21 Pro Blackjack. I decided to start small with the free version, but I had my doubts about how advertising on the iPhone would disturb my playing pleasure. Turns out, the ads aren't all that bad.

21 Pro bills itself as "the perfect game to learn how to play." It's true. The app comes packed with information including a history of the game, a terminology breakdown and an in-depth section of game play variations on the classic card game. One of the most helpful features for newbies is the "Ask Dealer" button which provides in-game assistance on when to hit, stand, double-down, etc.

Blackjack connoisseurs won't be disappointed as the app includes a host of extras designed to take your game to the next level. Card Counting Expert provides training assistance in Hi/Lo counting and KO counting and offers a display to help you test your count as you go. You can also configure the app to get a taste of the house rules from casinos all over the world.

The graphics in the game are amazing. The colors are rich with a classic casino feel. Also, I was please with how quick and responsive the controls are. Tap to bet, tap to deal — tap, tap, tap oops! all tapped out. Every games starts with $1000 in chips, when it's gone the game is over. Hit restart to refill.

Now, about those ads. The developers did a great job of integrating ads in a way that doesn't take away from the game. Users will see an ad at the beginning of the game and each time a new deck of cards is brought out. Click the screen to bring up a menu box where you can choose to skip over the ad or go online for more information. I really applaud the team at Avalinx for finding a way to offer such a great game for free.

However, as great as the ad-supported version is I think I'm going to go back and upgrade to the paid version. Not because I'm annoyed by advertising on my phone, but because this app is just plain fun and 21 Pro Blackjack deserves my five bucks.

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  • Leo Kusima

    the 21 pro is good, but please added some data into the STATISTICS:

    1. Double down win and double down lost.
    2. Insurance pay or insurance lost.
    3. Surrenders win or surrenders lost.
    4. Player busts and dealer busts.
    5. Auto play function for examples 1,000 hands to 10,000 hands. (guide by basic strategy)
    6. betting strategy table.