Pro Basketball Scores—Great, After The Buzzer Has Sounded

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pro basketball scores on the iPhone

The appropriately named Pro Basketball Scores app by Plusmo Inc is an app for true basketball junkies. Allowing you to track all of the NBA teams, obtain scores, standings, schedules, rosters and news.

At first glance Pro Basketball Scores appears to be the perfect addition for the fan that must know all of the scores all of the time. A closer inspection reveals one major hitch in their giddyup. That would be Plusmo Inc’s claims of the latest scores. Of course latest is a subjective term and used very loosely here.

Pro Basketball Scores is great with final scores but lacking a great deal with ongoing action. It is very slow with updating the scores of games in action. I’ve had scores posted showing six minutes left in a quarter with no change for quite a few minutes. Sometimes it appears that games are being updated at two-minute intervals other times much longer.

What Pro Basketball Scores does offer is plenty of scoop on everything NBA. Open the app and check out the game scores of the teams you’ve selected as your favorites, or go to scores of all the games. Select a game and view the stats, peruse the recap, check out the details (including names of refs, venue and number in attendance), or chat with other NBA fans.

Pro Basketball Scores has clean crisp graphics, sharp colors, looks good, and it’s very easy to read. Overall this app is a good addition for NBA fans that want all the information on teams, players and games.

Plusmo states that they will soon be releasing a live play-by-play app. The main drawback of the current version of Pro Basketball Scores is the inability to access real time scores. If the score of the game you’re following could be the difference between knowing you can be seen in public or getting a headstart out of town so you’re able to evade a member of the Soprano family for a week or two, you might find another way to acquire the latest scores until their live play-by-play app is released.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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