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procamera - better iphone picturesIt’s always great to see developers who are interested in improving their product and prove it by listening to users and cranking out upgrades that actually work. Feature-rich ProCamera, the photography app that helps users shoot higher-quality iPhone pictures, launched with several useful features. Anti-shake, alignment, shutter speed control, and a fairly straightforward photo editing studio were all included. With the newest update, additional features have been addressed to make a good camera app even better.

ProCamera's Pro Update

ProCamera’s recent update includes additions to the photo studios that allow for cropping, rotating and flipping, as well as improvement controls for lighting, exposure, filtering and color adjustment. Along with the addition of features that function as simply as the original, ProCamera has a sleeker, more polished feel to it. Transition between camera and album mode is quick and smooth while the same level of stability seems to have been maintained.

From its original version, ProCamera was one of the better camera apps that developers made in response to the lack of user-friendly features in the native camera app of the early iPhones. With the latest generation and OS, ProCamera can be a delight. Users can take advantage of the multitude of settings and options to maintain control over camera use, battery life, and personal preferences.

If you haven’t found a camera app you like and haven’t tried ProCamera, the most recent version makes a stronger case for why it’s an app worth exploring. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate, but there’s a user manual included just in case. Request it or gift it just in time for the holidays and capture every moment. Sharing photos with ProCamera is easy, too – a simple tap of a button and it emails photos to friends and family.

ProCamera—First Shot

ProCamera was first reviewed by AppCraver in September 2010
procamera app for better iphone photosProCamera for iPhone is a photography app that enhances the ability of your basic iPhone camera. ProCamera is rich with control features that many users may have noticed are missing from the ordinary iPhone camera. The fullest features, such as video recording, focus exposures and compass function require 3GS or iPhone 4, but even 3G users running iOS4 can experience some of the other cool features.

ProCamera has a variety of control settings that help improve the quality of photos taken with your phone. Features like grid guides for professional photo arrangement, 5x zoom, easy alignment with the horizon guide, and size and shutter speed control are all present and accounted for.

Easily accessible, but not at all cumbersome to navigate, the controls are all available with the touch of a button and ProCamera loads and launches as quickly as the native camera app. There’s even a built-in self timer with up to 20 second delay.

In addition to the controls and various settings, ProCamera also features a built-in picture studio that enables users to adjust brightness, exposure, and apply black and white or sepia finishes. Just like the camera settings and controls, the studio controls are intuitive and simple to manage. You can also email photos from within the ProCamera app or transfer them to your computer via the camera roll.

ProCamera is a solid, useful iPhone photography enhancement. iPhone 4 and 3GS users will get the most significant value from ProCamera, but 3G users can also use the composition controls and appreciate the extra touch and improved quality of pictures.

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  • javier

    Has the app an editor like "color splash" ? or it just black and white photos?

  • Ralph

    ProCamera has a complete editing studio with everything you could possibly need.. Great app, better features than Camera+ and all the other photo apps..