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Prohibition 3: Candy Wars is the latest in the banned-substance series from Catamount Software. But it is the first one to appear in the App Store because Apple rejected Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars due to its seemingly objectionable content — you play a drug dealer in New York City trying to make as much as you can peddling illegal substances. So the developers decided to go with a far more mundane, but perhaps just as addictive, topic for reworking the game — candy.

The premise of Candy Wars is that 30 years into the future candy has gone the way of cocaine and been banned. So you must work the streets and sell brownies, sour tarts and sugar sticks so addicts can get a fix for their sweet tooth. Prohibition 3: Candy Wars is a very simple game but does what it is supposed to do well. It is a reworked, touch-screen friendly remake of Drug Wars, which was written for DOS about 25 years ago. It stays true to the simplistic interface and delivers some addicting fun.

The premise of Candy Wars is pretty simple — buy low and sell high. The interface involves switching between a screen where you can buy or sell the illegal candy substances and a subway menu that lets you travel to different parts of New York. As supply and demand goes there are different prices for the candy throughout the sections of New York. So buy candy cheaply and sell it for a profit to grow your business. Getting good at the game requires a combination of knowing where to buy the candy on the cheap and finding the right places to sell for a higher profit. You also need to develop enough cash and supply to deal with how the market fluctuates. These can be quite rapid so sometimes it is worth making the sale before checking all the other areas for the best price.

Some wrenches are thrown in to your plan through loan sharks and Food and Drug Administration agents. A pop-up message will warn you that loan sharks are demanding repayment or that you are being chased by the FDA. Charming the agents with some of your pixie dust or hiding in an alley can avert the confiscation of your stash. But the loan sharks are far more demanding. Delay paying back your loan and they will end the game promptly. These can be quite random, which makes the game play a bit erratic at times. But even with the game short on depth, it is quite easy to get addicted to Prohibition 3: Candy Wars.

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