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Protector: The Planes
Developer: NTT Resonant Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

protector the planes iphoneAn original flash game series, Protector: The Planes is a tower defense style game for iPhone that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re a fan of strategy/TD games. Protector: The Planes has all the good elements of a great tower defense battle including ever-changing, evolving waves of enemies, each with their own weaknesses and immunities. The premise is medieval theme with knights and wizards as your defense against hoards of orcs, bats, goblins, and necromancer ghouls. Levels range from easy to hard and advanced powers and defenses are earned as you progress and unlock “planes.”

Taking a cue from the elements, earth, wind, water, and fire, Protector: The Planes is a constant bombardment of ghoulish enemies possessing inert strengths, weaknesses and immunities to available defense powers. Brute force isn’t always enough and so you will have to strategically place the masters of the elements you need. Naturally you’ll earn gold with which to upgrade each map, putting down extra spaces to fill as the waves become more challenging. Defeat all waves in a level without losing all your available life force, and you will unlock a new level.

While Protector: The Planes doesn’t appear modern, it’s as good as any classic. Isometric animation and touch screen interface create a deceptively simple looking game. However, it’s as challenging as any TD game and possesses the depth of many modern versions. Decent sound effects and more than decent background music, which you can change with a shake of your device, round out the experience. You can create and save up to three profiles, but the lack of an auto-save feature is a definite drawback, especially for longer levels. If you shut off in the middle of a level, you’ll have to start over again, so make sure you’re comfortably seated before you begin.

Protector: The Planes has 32 different areas accessible from the main map, over 40 different enemies, and ten planes to unlock. All combined, you get simplistic interface, challenging, top-notch tower defense style that supplies hours of (willing) game play. Not a bad deal for just two bucks and not a regrettable purchase by any means. But before you invest, check out the video below.

Protector: The Planes Gameplay Demo

Image Gallery: Protector: The Planes

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