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PurchaseList for iPhoneI'm not a big fan of grocery shopping as the inevitable always happens to me. I write down a few things I need and because I'm not used to bringing paper with me I get to the store and  realize I've forgotten the shopping list and then I usually come home with half of what I needed. Luckily, there's PurchaseList, an app that simplifies the task of creating a list and allows me to bring it with me on my phone. And I never leave home without my phone.

Some might be thinking that Apple's built-in iOS app called Reminders will do the trick and sure, it will for short lists, but for people who are anything like me, having a bit more organization is an essential part of the shopping experience. PurchaseList provides such organization. 

PurchaseList allows the user to store frequently used items as favorites. This is great for such things as milk, bread, eggs, butter and the everyday items used around the kitchen. It also features an automatic entry function that remembers what the user typed and autofills. This isn't revolutionary, but it's very helpful especially when using the different category options within the app. Yes, the lists can be broken down by stores, products or favorites. This is another useful tool as I tend to shop at a few stores to complete my shopping list.

Something really cool is the ability to upload or download items or stores and share lists with others from the same country. Well, not sure I want everyone knowing what I ate for breakfast, but it brings a fun social aspect to the app, but use wisely.

And the Pièce de résistance is the ability to sync lists between phones. This basically makes it the ultimate grocery shopping list when trying to tackle the list together. It would be awesome to use as a safety net for when I forget something my wife can see that I did and pick it up on the way home. However, it's only available via Bluetooth so the people have to be close to each other to properly use the function. The developer notes that they're working on enhancing this function.

For its extended capabilities such as the Bluetooth sharing function and social sharing options, PurchaseList is a solid and very powerful shopping list app. It's also free (ad supported), which makes it even better, but of course has an in-app purchase available to remove ads.

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