Puss in Boots Interactive 3D Fairy Tale Pops Off the Digital Page With 3D

Puss in Boots : Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale (AppStore Link)
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Puss in Boots : Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale
Developer: CluePoint Co. Ltd.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Puss in Boots for iPadPuss in Boots the Interactive 3D pop-up fairy tale is a fun and engaging take on the classic children’s story, by the developers at Clue Point.

Puss in Boots is a story book app that has the option of a voice over narrator to read the story or for your children to read it on their own. Every section of the story has 3D pop-up portion in which your child will be able to play a small game before moving along to the rest of the tale. The animations and sound effects are well designed, attention grabbing, and definitely provide a memorable experience for young children using the app.

I have an almost two year old daughter who loves to have stories read to her from our iPad, and she absolutely loved Puss in Boots. Of course, she is still too young to use it on her own, but she will listen to the narrator read the story and tap and swipe and the app during the pop-up sections (with a little help from dad). 

There are a multitude of interactive story book apps in the App Store and Puss in Boots is a nice addition to the shelves full of illustrated fairy tales. The app has a simple interface that is easy to use for young children who are leaning to read.

As an activity story book for kids, Puss in Boots is definitely worth the price. It provides excellent entertainment value with 38 pages and six interactive game sections. The app is easy to navigate, and has large buttons which are a help for younger children who want to use the app on their own. But most of all, my daughter loved the Puss in Boots app.

If I can find an educational tool that will also keep my daughter engaged and amused, then it would be awfully difficult not to recommend it. Interactive story book apps, like Puss and Boots, are a great way to keep a child occupied without having to resort to watching television.

I think these types of early reading and activity apps are fantastic, but more importantly, so does my daughter. I would recommend Puss in Boots as for any child learning to read or getting ready to learn. If you like this app, Clue Pop Books includes a growing selection of classic tales such as Cinderella and Thumbelina.

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