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Put Things Off: The laid-back to-do list (AppStore Link)
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Put Things Off: The laid-back to-do list
Developer: Nick Cernis
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

put-things-off-time-manager-iphonePut Things Off, may seem like an odd name for the time-management tool that it is, but for people with simple needs and for professional procrastinators it does a terrific job.

One of the problems that I’ve always had with time-keepers, time organizers and other time-related things is that it’s too much of a pain to enter information using the iPhone’s keypad. Give me plenty of scroll wheels, sliders, icons, buttons—anything but text entry and I might use it.

My life is just not that complicated and I’m a professional at doing next week what I ought to do today. Put Things Off is almost as close as it gets to what I need.

Put Things Off is more like a Sticky Note app but with a bit more meat on its bones. Create a task and deadline in the form of a note and then choose what to do with it: Take care of it today; put it off for X number of days; or just do the damn thing and get it over with!

Tap the plus in the upper left, enter text that describes the job at hand, tap a plus sign on your note, select your deadline from a slot-machine wheel and tap save. Decide what to do with your note by tapping a complementary icon on the note. Tapping a star puts the note into the Today box, for example.

You can see all your sticker memos all in one place, which I found particularly useful. In fact, what other time-manager app developers might learn from Put Things Off is an appreciation for simplicity.

Like I said, it’s a simple app for people who have few tasks to keep up with and who generally prefer to Put Things Off for as long as possible (ideally that would be forever for pro procrastinators like me).

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