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Puzzle Quiz
Developer: DigitalFun S.r..l.
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puzzle quiz iphone appPuzzle Quiz - When I download games for my iPhone, I usually prefer apps that aren't going to take too much effort. Sure, I want something that'll keep me occupied, but generally if it's a game that would require me to look up hints online, or if it takes really long to complete a round or two, I won't be all that interested. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way - you don't want The Legend of Zelda, you just want something to keep you busy while you wait in line at the DMV, something that's fun and engaging and a little mindless.

If that sounds good to you, Puzzle Quiz by DigitalFun is absolutely terrific. It's a sliding puzzle game that offers 15 different photo puzzles of famous landmarks and locations around the world — and it allows for endless puzzles of your own creation, using shots from your iPhone photo library.

The photos in Puzzle Quiz are divided into tiles which you then have to swap around in order to reassemble the photo. Each puzzle can be played on three different difficulty levels, so whether you're in a hurry or you have a chunk of time to kill, there's an appropriate level to use.

As for the "quiz" aspect of Puzzle Quiz, after each puzzle is solved, a bonus multiple-choice question pops up about the place in the photo. So if you know, for instance, that Santorini is (spoiler alert!) in Greece, you'll get some extra points. Get the question wrong, however, and you'll lose points. Solve puzzles quickly and get those bonus questions right in order to see where you land on the Local and Global rankings.

Probably my favorite feature of Puzzle Quiz is the My Puzzle feature, which allows you to take any picture from your photo library and turn it into a puzzle, so that you can slice 'n dice (and then put back together, of course!) a pet or loved one or a favorite vacation photo.

Puzzle Quiz is really nicely designed, with a clean and professional-looking interface. I definitely recommend it to any puzzle fans out there. If you're still not sure, try Puzzle Quiz for free with Puzzle Quiz Lite.

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