Puzzllotto is a Contest Wrapped in a Puzzle Wrapped in an Enigma


PuzzlelottoMike Lee of UnitedLemur.org has finally introduced Puzzllotto, the highly anticipated logic puzzle that has had the internets buzzing for the last few weeks.

Puzzllotto feels like a conundrum or endless riddle. Users must tap on a pair of eyes in the middle of the Madagascar jungle. Tap on the right eyes and you move along tap on the wrong pair and its back to the beginning. Lee alleges there is a way to solve the puzzle and they even offer up a prize and a trophy.

The application (contest entry fee) costs 4.99. In addition to being a challenging contest, Puzzllotto is also a fundraiser for charity with 10 percent of proceeds being donated to the Madagascar Fauna Group.

The graphics in the game are clever and detailed. What might be a turn off to some users is the lack of instructions to help solve the puzzle. Hints will be given out by the creators as the contest progresses. (The most recent hint is “Lemurs are there to help you. The butterflies are there to guide you.”)

The energy of the puzzle is great, but most users feel their enthusiasm wan — especially after spending 60 or more minutes trying to figure out the next move. And, it’s a literal race against time to solve the puzzle because the game ends on November 21, 2008.

For persistent puzzle masters the rewards will be great. The first one to solve the puzzle will receive a real prize (cash plus the Champion's Trophy, according to the United Lemur site).

Puzzllotto is the culmination of work by some professionals who have contributed to some iPhone hits — Taptap Revenge, Twinkle and Spore. PuzzlLotto is a complete departure from these other games. It's a game in the loosest sense of the word.

Be warned. If you're up for the challenge then you may enjoy Puzzllotto. If you're looking for a few hours of easy going entertainment then try something else — anything else.

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  • http://ashponders.net Ash Ponders

    As a quick point of clarification, Puzzllotto is 100% a game of skill. There is no chance or randomness what so ever.
    We worked with promotions attorneys and even hired an impartial third party company to judge the promotion.