Video Coming to the iPhone? Not so Qik


qik - iphone to video cameraLast week there was lots of media hype and speculation that Qik, would be delivering their video application to the App Store. Qik is an application that enables anyone to stream video live from their mobile device from anywhere, in the world.

Apple Fans prepare for some bad news. It’s not going to happen just yet. While no one knows for sure, it looks like there's something going on behind the scenes. Qik is available on more than 60 different devices including iPhone users with “jailbroken” handsets. (Jailbroken phones are handsets that have been enabled to let non-Apple approved third-party applications run on them. This also voids the warranty.)

A company spokesperson said today that Qik was “looking to appear in the App Store” but had not yet submitted their application for approval by Apple. She went on to say “We won’t be able to elaborate on this.“

Qik would no doubt become a tremendously popular application on the handset. This would also give the company the opportunity to garner a lot of exposure for any other applications it planned to release in the future. iPhone users are currently unable to stream or shoot video. A video camera application could allow users to share vides through email and to upload short video clips or movies to widely used sites and applications like YouTube and Facebook. Hopefully, this app will hit the appstore just in time for the holidays.

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  • Andy Apfel

    great article. and too bad. i want to use my iphone as a cammcorder. boo :(

  • Jackie Danicki (Qik)

    Issen, thanks for this. It was great talking to you about the situation, even though I'm limited in what I could tell you!

    One thing I'd like to clear up: There is no "legal wrangling" going on behind the scenes. As per my email to you, we have not submitted Qik to Apple for approval into the App Store.

    Thanks again!