Quantum Lights is a Puzzle Without a Clue


quantum lights iphoneJeremy Smith's Quantum Lights is one of those puzzles that you either get, or you don't. I get it, but the game fails to captivate my attention in the same way as Rubik's Cube, which this game reminds me of a bit.

The object of Quantum Lights is to illuminate all the lights on the playing field. Tap one light and three will turn on in adjacent rows. Tap another light, and three will turn off in adjacent rows. The idea is to tap the lights so they all stay on in the fewest number of moves. You can increase the complexity of game play by choosing from among seven colors by tapping the Options button.

Quantum Lights is not much fun.

Quantum Lights has five buttons: Play, Random, Edit, Reset and Options. It could be that I'm dense, but tapping Edit and Reset seemed to do the same thing, which is to clear the playing field. There's a faint purple shape made up of five-sided polygons in the center of the screen and I couldn't discern any purpose for it.

The game could benefit from a help screen or two. I clicked on the link to Smith's Web site to see what else I might learn, and found the link is broken. I clicked on the support link and was transported to the Web site of a free hosting service. I don't know what to make of that.

Quantum Lights is priced at $4.99, which is hardly competitive compared to the level of quality you get these days. The game doesn't even have sound effects.

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