Quick Turn: Can You Catch a Falling Star With Just Your iPhone and Good Reflexes?

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Quick Turn
Developer: Portable Zoo
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quick turn iphone appLook, a falling star!  Don’t get distracted; you need to start rotating your iPhone. Quick Turn from Portable Zoo is an action game that requires good reflexes, and as it speeds up, quick moves.

Like many iPhone games, Quick Turn is based on a simple concept but it is surprisingly challenging. As the star falls across your iPhone screen, you have to rotate your iPhone so the star bounces off the wall that matches the star’s color at that moment. As the star falls more quickly, it is easy to flip the iPhone the wrong way as your rush to steer the star into the correct wall.

Quick Turn can quickly become disorienting, in a good way.  I found myself laughing and shrieking as the game sped up, trying to react as fast as I could to get the star to bounce off the correct wall, and inevitably driving it into the wrong color. At first I thought Quick Turn's giant score in center was distracting, but then I realized that it rotates with the iPhone, helping you to see the angle at which you are holding the phone.

Quick Turn reminds me of pool, with the ball being a star moving of its own accord, and the iPhone being the rotatable pool table.  True, you have a whole wall to hit instead of getting a ball into a hole, but the concept of angles applies in both games.  In Quick Turn, the angle that the star hits the wall might set it off on an undesired trajectory, just like a pool ball.

Trying to run over Quick Turn’s bonus pickups is tricky. If it wasn’t for my greediness, I would probably have a higher score.  If you tilt the iPhone excessively to try to steer the star toward the extra points, it is easy to end up hitting the wrong color wall.  My advice?  Avoid the corners.

Because Quick Turn is more difficult at high speeds, I found myself questioning the responsiveness of the iPhone to my steering.  I think the real limitation is that my wrists don’t rotate 360 degrees and keep going.  Curse my human body.

Portable Zoo, the developers who brought us Letter Bug, have created another winner with Quick Turn.  Quick Turn is easy to play, fun and addictive.  I am going to wish on this falling star:  I wish I had more time to play Quick Turn.

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