Quick Reader Brings Speed Read Training Right to Your iPhone

QuickReader – eBook Reader with Speed Reading (AppStore Link)
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QuickReader – eBook Reader with Speed Reading
Developer: Inkstone Software, Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Quick Reader iphoneQuickReader is a newly released speed reading trainer and ebook experience for iPhone and iPod touch and the first tool of its kind that I’ve found in the App Store. To fully appreciate the sophistication and potential of QuickReader, you will need to recognize the concept of speed reading and have a desire to practice the skill.

However, even if you are merely interested in reading some classic works of literature in ebook format while testing your own reading speed, QuickReader truly delivers. There are several aspects of this app that demonstrate how well thought out the design was, and it captures the essential aspects of speed read training quite well.

Though not for everyone, speed reading is a skill that allows an individual to capture more written information in less time. This skill can be particularly useful in day to day life as well as in the corporate setting, but it’s a skill that doesn’t come naturally for most people and has to be learned. 

The basic concepts of speed reading include training the eye to take in blocks of text rather than one or two words at a time, as well as to constantly move forward in the text rather than going back. QuickReader deftly acknowledges these basic concepts and puts them into practice. With a broad selection of options to customize your training experience, including font type and size, color scheme, margin width, line spacing, and more, QuickReader lends itself to a very wide audience.

Included with QuickReader’s quick start guide is a demo video, which thoroughly explains every aspect of the program and how to adjust it to your personal preference before using. The only thing the demo video doesn’t cover is how to paste text to the included pasteboard if you choose to practice with something specific. After toying around with Quick Reader, you will discover that you simply have to open the pasteboard from under the imported content, which pops up under “Library.” Then close the app, copy text from another source and reopen QuickReader – your selected text will already be there. You can also reference the user guide under books in the library.

Also included with QuickReader are 21 classic works from Pride and Prejudice to The Secret Garden, A Tale of Two Cities and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In the free version, QuickReader Lite, only Aesop’s Fables are included. So far as I can tell, there is no ability or mention of a future ability to be able to import other ebooks. Thus, QuickReader is not truly an ebook reader, but with the auto advancing feature, I wish it were. If this feature were added in the future, QuickReader could easily become a part of my top ten favorite apps.

To get started with QuickReader’s speed reading training, simply take the reading test, which measures your WPM rate. Then go into settings and set the Words per Minute rate to a number slightly higher. You can select the number of guide stops per line and the fewer stops, the more words included in each guided block. Practice at this rate, adjusting as needed, for the suggested 10 minutes a day and then continue to adjust the settings accordingly as you gain speed with practice. When you find yourself reading ahead of the guide, it’s time to adjust the settings.

If garnering practice at speed reading is a goal of yours, you can’t go wrong with QuickReader. It is user-friendly, sophisticated, and provides users with a tool that could potentially expand their knowledge base by developing the skill to read faster, and thus read more.

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