Quip is Not Clever Enough for MMS on the iPhone

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

quip iphone mmsQuip - Some iPhone owners might be starting to think multimedia messaging service is like the alien of Roswell — everyone knows that it's out there, somewhere. It's the same thing with MMS — the ability to send images, audio and other media — over cell phone networks, also is out there, somewhere.

Some developers, notably Addy Mobile with Quip and Juice Wireless with Flutter, which we reviewed recently, think they're hot on the MMS trail. Unfortunately, they're both so off the mark that not even the iPhone 3G's built-in GPS can put them on the right track.

Quip's main hot button is that you can take a picture with the iPhone camera, choose a contact on your list and send them a text message with a link to the photo (I think the Air Force stores the photos in the high-security Area 52 in the Nevada desert with the alien, but I'm not entirely sure).

Anyway, that's not MMS and there's no point in claiming that it's even something close to that. MMS puts the photo right on your iPhone — no links and no alien weirdness.

I think this app is ripe for an autopsy.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.quiptxt.com/ Blake Engel

    Hey Michael,

    I'm the designer on Quip. Thanks for having a look at our app, and sorry it didn't live up to your expectations.

    We're pretty confident that Quip is the best way to send pictures from phone to phone, but I'd love to know if you have found and are using a better way.

    And although we don't ever claim that Quip "is" MMS, we are clearly trying to plug this hole. If we ever get it up to that spec, we will let you know!


  • Glenn

    I think Blake is right, although I would like to know where these photos are stored? Something need to he done about mms on iPhone and swirlymms is not cutting it!

  • Cody

    I bought Quip
    pretty good app (NOT MMS though)
    would love if apple just made an update enabling MMS or an Application to do so!
    the problem I have with Quip is when i try to send a picture, it will say "cannot send customer has no credit" or something like that i do not know what this means any insight?
    3 things keeping the iphone from truely being great
    1.)Video Camera
    2.)MMS (Ofcourse)
    3.)better Texting programs

    why wont they though????

  • nicole

    this is cool and all but the new Psyclops application for the iPhone is way cooler, You can try it out at psyclopshq.com and if it only costs $1.99 and you can make and send as many cool dances as you want to your friends and family.

  • jake

    does anyone know how to DELETE a quiptxt link????

    Help Please.... it was sent and I'd like this deleted now.

    Please reply to post with any help/info...

  • Roger

    Quip has been awesome as far as the speed of sending pics but it won't send me a 4 numerical confirmation code to set up the inbox and have contacted Quip by email twice and have no resolvement. Will probably go with something else for Iphone. Very dissapointed since I can send pics but not receive?

  • lorna

    it sounds marvelous...i added it, and...it doesn't work. No one with or without an iphone, media plan or anything else gets the pics i send except me. They don't get a msg saying click the link, nothing! it was very dissappointing. Still is disappointing. thought id hit the jackpot.
    oh well
    it doesn't work