Qype Radar is Not on My Radar and Probably Not Yours Either


qype radar iphone appQype Radar is a free app designed to be an on-location guide to places to go, eat, and shop based on user reviews. Qype.com is apparently a European web portal and appears to be a widely used web-based user referral and review site for parts of the UK and some other major European cities.

Based on user-posted reviews of Qype Radar in the App Store, it seems some people are complaining about an absence of information with Qype Radar based on their locations. And I can see why.

Qype Radar is organized by types of places – restaurants, pubs & bars, coffee shops, shopping, hotels, and so on. It appears that Qype is location-based and will include places nearby, but that depends. You can also use the search function to name a place such as Atlanta, Washington DC, Inverness, wherever and it will save the four most recent searches so you don't have to re-enter them. While testing out Qype Radar, it appeared to me that there were far more results for the UK than anywhere else, but as far as here in the states I could get only a few results for many major metro areas and that was only using the search function.

When utilizing the location-based “places” function on Qype Radar, absolutely nothing turned up under any of the place categories. "No Matches Found" was my constant message. What’s odd is that while I could turn up a handful of results merely searching Cincinnati specifically, my current location wasn’t all that far off, so I’m not sure how well the location-based function really works or if "nearby" is limited to a certain mile radius. However, I suspect that it has more to do with the database being limited than anything else.

When I say limited, I believe it’s not as limited in the UK. Many of the locations listed under an Inverness search had several reviews, while the few locations that turned up under Washington DC had either no reviews or only one or two. I’m not a fortune-teller so I can’t speculate on whether Qype Radar will take off here in the states, but without user participation the database won’t grow and without a database, it’s going to be hard to get users.

Qype Radar may be a semi-useful free download if you’re planning a trip overseas, but for use here in the states it is too limited and won’t likely prove to be too useful.

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