Raindrop Will Have You Tipping and Tilting

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

raindrop iphone appRaindrop offers some simple fun that will have you tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch back and forth in an effort to keep yourself safe in the clouds.

The "you" is a tiny raindrop, which must maneuver around an increasing flow of clouds to keep falling through the sky. The longer it is kept safe, the more points racked up during the game. You must avoid letting your raindrop get carried off through the top of the screen. Doing so means you lose a life — do this too many times and the game ends. While Raindrop is fairly simple, it does make for some fun.

The accelerometer works quite well while tipping the phone back and forth. The gameplay begins slow with a steady flow of clouds that move vertically up the screen that must be maneuvered around. The longer the raindrop is kept alive, the faster the clouds begin to climb up. They come at you in increasingly different lengths which can mean some fast tipping to keep the raindrop safe and makes it more difficult to get the raindrop lower on the screen to ensure your safety.

Along with moving the raindrop around, there are a series of "extras" to give your lonely raindrop an extra boost. For example, cloud leap lets the raindrop avoid the clouds altogether. Speed boost gives the raindrop some extra power to get to the safest spot of the screen - the bottom. Clear skies gets rid of the clouds for a bit and makes for a few seconds of smooth sailing. These and other extras mix this iPhone app up a bit which avoids it becoming too dull. The extras appear in the form of an icon on a cloud during gameplay. There is a well put together tutorial screen that has information about scoring and what the extras are.

Raindrop is worth the $0.99 if you're looking for an iPhone app that will kill a few minutes from time to time.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Joshua

    I really enjoyed reading the description for this game definitley worth the .99cents by itself.

  • Swampmaster

    This is a prty good game. rivals papi jump.