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Rasta Monkey!
Developer: Nitako LTD.
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rasta monkey iphone appSimilar to, yet uniquely different from Rolando, Rasta Monkey is a 2-D, side-scrolling platformer brought to us by Nitako that utilizes responsive touch control to maneuver a super-cool little monkey from tree to tree as he collects fruit to satisfy his Da’s fruit smoothie craving. Set against a colorful background and a super-catchy Rastafarian beat, Rasta Monkey is an addicting little action game.

Users play as Rasta Monkey, who swings, climbs, and jumps through the landscape collecting various fruits throughout 10 levels. Along the way, Rasta Monkey will encounter a couple of bad guys who he can fight off only with careful control. Which brings us to the real crux of the game — control. With one and two finger touch and tap executed in proper timing, you move Rasta Monkey sideways, up and down in correlation to physics and gravity.

It will take some users a bit of practice to get the hang of controlling Rasta Monkey, especially with swing and release moves, but he is supplied with an endless life supply so falling from tree limbs or losing face with the bad critter obstacles doesn’t cause undo frustration. If Rasta Monkey falls, he simply starts over at his last checkpoint of progression. I found mastering the controls to be part of the fun — and the addiction. Even though I did have many moments of failure, it was easy to keep going.

With such a great combination of easy-going gameplay and the music supporting it, Rasta Monkey is a real kick. The graphics, though not as crisp as you might expect, are colorful and kawaii-cute. Some users may get the hang of Rasta Monkey quickly, breezing through the levels at break-neck speed, while others will likely struggle a bit. However, rest assured there is entertainment value.

Rasta Monkey proves to be a good overall value by providing a solidly developed game.

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  • http://www.gamesogre.net Mark Weber

    Frustration with controls sums it up. You hit the nail on the head when you suggested that users would need a "bit of practice" to get the hang of the controls. What frustrates me about the spinning launch system for jumping is that the game's designer Nitako could have used countless more intuitive and easier systems for jumping: directional finger flicks, a stationary & a moving finger to create a virtual sling shot, tapping twice in the jumping direction, etc. For such an otherwise simple and approachable game, they've added a needlessly frustrating learning curve without with I believe the game would be much much more successful. My hope is that they’ll make a revision that gives a varied control scheme, because this one seems to be hurting the game more than helping it.