Read AppCraver, Win Free Stuff


win free ipod touch and iphone appsOur twitter contest is off to great start. Congratulations to the four winners from Thursday and Friday: Arthur McTaggart in Florida, Phillip Beazley in Texas, Joey Rivera in Ohio and AndyL19 in AZ.

Arthur and Phillip will be getting a special care package from AppCraver filled with a t-shirt from Tasty Apps, a promotional iPhone sleeve with matching pen from Fuze and a selection of stickers from companies we visited at Macworld.

Joey and AndyL19 are the lucky winners of FREE Apps from Carpe Diem Ventures and iBear. We're sending off promo codes for iBearMiner and iBear Art Cambodia to Joey. AndyL19 will receive iBearBrain and iBearFlags. Both lucky winners will also get free downloads of Where to Golf.

It's not too late to win free iPhone and iPod touch apps and other promotional shchwag. All you have to do is sign up and follow us on Twitter. Then be on the lookout for our "PopQuiz" announcement. Be the first answer our question about a recent post on AppCraver and you win free stuff! We'll have another winner on Monday.

In addition to all the fun stuff mentioned in our original contest post, more developers have offered up some great prizes


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