RecipePad Lets iPad Users Rule the Kitchen, and Organize Recipes

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recipe-pad-ipadRecipePad - The iPad continues to become a chef's companion with an increasing number of apps dedicated to the culinary arts. Among the latest is RecipePad, which is usable for creating and saving recipes.

You get the most out of RecipePad if you have a Mac and use MacGourmet or Yummy Soup. If so those files can be moved from your desktop to the iPad through iTunes. In many ways it is a pain to have to physically connect the device to a computer just to get files transferred. On the other hand, long-time users of MacGourmet and Yummy Soup will rejoice that they now have the ability to move their recipe collection to the iPad.

The interface of RecipePad is very easy to follow and is an excellent way to view the details of a recipe. Creating a new recipe is also simple with a well laid out section for the ingredients, cook time and procedure. You can also add a photo, list the cook time and rate how difficult the meal is to prepare. Adding to the recipes pulls up two number pads; a traditional 10-digit keypad as well as another with nine digits devoted to fractions. Another interface pops up for documenting the cooking procedure, complete with a timer.

There are some ways in which creating a recipe from scratch on the iPad feels constrained. Every ingredient must be typed in; you can't go to the web or pull from a list and download it like you can with other cooking apps. With the exception of the category section there are no drop-down menus for choosing content. And until iOS 4.2 arrives getting information from Safari means closing RecipePad and re-opening it without the benefits of fast-app switching as is found on the iPhone.

RecipePad includes a tutorial section, a contact form and a blog page that in reality is a listing of the RecipePad Twitter feed. There are thorough instructions for transferring recipes on a Mac into Recipe Pad.

Foodies who want a good recipe app for their iPad should grab RecipePad or at least keep this one on the short list and check back for added features.

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