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Recollect — Beautiful music recommendations (AppStore Link)
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Recollect — Beautiful music recommendations
Developer: Redaranj LLC
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Ever since I've started working from home my music library has shrunk and my time on online music streaming services have increased. One thing I like about Spotify is the the ability to play the music from your friend's playlist. I love being able to checkout their playlists for something refreshing. Another service I recently tried out is Recollect. Like Spotify, you can checkout other people's music, but this time it's your Twitter followers.

Once you open the app it automatically brings you through a few step-by-step instructions on how to setup. Recollect points out that it automatically shows you music recommendations from the people you follow on Twitter and that there's no need to find them again as there is no setup. It pulls the information for you. There are also a few simple ways to share your music to your followers. 

After setting up the app, it's very easy to recommend what you're currently listening to by clicking on the "now playing song" tab, which brings you to a place for a short review. This feature is pretty sweet as it gives a personal twist on the music discovery game. After you've put in what you like about the song or how it reminds you of a high school dance you then click send and voila. If a follower clicks on the tweet they're brought to a landing page with the song, cover art, your review as well as the ability to play a review or buy it on iTunes. It's actually quite snazzy.

One of the neatest features is the ability to flip through any user's recommendations as a virtual bin of records. It's like going through John Cusack's top collection in High Fidelity in that you know there's going to be some good stuff in there, but you're also afraid of what you'll find. It's very voyeuristic as well. While in their bin, you can create a virtual bookmark by selecting the collect song tab.

One major feature missing from Recollect is the ability to play the entire song. However, we all know how record companies are so the developers seemed to have found a way around it by allowing the user to launch the song in Rdio or Spotify. Genius. For music lovers wanting to checkout what their Twitter followers are listening to, Recollect is a perfect app for that. Plus, it's free.

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