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HOYLE Red Hot Slots
Developer: Encore
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

red-hot-slotsCha-ching! I'm not much of a gambler, but I must confess a strange love for the blinking lights and distinctive music of the Vegas casinos. I live near L.A. where Vegas is just a short flight away, but why waste plane-fare when Hoyle Red Hot Slots is a spot-on substitute for the real thing?

Hoyle Red Hot Slots by Encore is a video slot machine just like those found in casinos everywhere from the desert to the high seas. Tap the "max bet" button and watch the reels spin. Come on big money! Unlike in real life players start off with a $5000 bankroll to bet as outrageously or conservatively as you want. (Imagine the casinos doing that! Welcome, here's five grand to get you started!)

The colors and reels in Red Hot Slots are just as mesmerizing as their casino counterparts. There are 10 different themes such as tiki, fruit, wild west, cats and dogs, or pirates. The slots play by the same rules, too. Each game has 5 reels with 15 Paylines. I can't keep them all straight but I like it. With 15 ways to win in video slots, I'm a lot "luckier" than on the old school three-in-a-row slots.

Hoyle's slots keep things interesting with a variety of bonus games, too. Free Spins, Money Minute and Pick a Box are all extra ways to win and increase your pot. It's a nice diversion from the repetitive tap and hope strategy I usually employ with video slot machines.

In "review speak" Red Hot Slots is a polished, fully-functional, video slot simulator for iPhone and iPod touch. In plain english, Red Hot Slots is a rock-and-roll good time for anyone that enjoys games of chance. Hoyle also offers a free, lite version that comes with just one game (instead of 10). But, really the lite version is for spineless first-timers, too afraid to gamble $1.99 on a iPhone app they haven't tried yet.

The best part about playing video slots on the iPhone, aside from the fact that you don't have to spend Saturday night with a gambling grandma on a bus trip from Temecula, is that even if you decide to bet big the stakes are still low. Sure, you might lose your $5,000 bankroll. But then, just a tap of a button and you can start fresh with a whole new wad of cash. Take that, Vegas! I'm going with Red Hot Slots.

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    Wow that sounds great. Good to see all the reviews about the Video slots. Eagerly waiting to play all the new video slot games. Love to play all the casino games.